Junior Photonic Product Engineer - The Netherlands.

Are you nearing the completion of your master’s or Ph.D. and aiming to enter the realm of Quantum Computing? Still uncertain about the direction your career should take in the photonics industry? The role of Junior Photonic Product Engineer provides an excellent opportunity to shape your career gradually. Why? You will be an integral part of the team responsible for assembling, testing, and delivering quantum processors to our customers.

Quantum Computer Development

photonic product engineer vacancy the netherlandsAs a Junior Photonic Product Engineer, you will have the chance to observe and learn all relevant aspects of Quantum Computer development. The specifics of your role can be categorized as follows:

Assembly, Characterization, Verification

You will be tasked with the actual assembly of photonic processors, encompassing all steps from testing, measuring, characterization, verification, to data processing and analysis of the PIC’s. Your insights and recommendations on all processes will be highly valued. This also entails collaborating with our suppliers to enhance quality or propose alterations for operational efficiency.

As our supply chain expands, and the need arises to integrate all processes, you will also be vigilant in exploring the market for potential new suppliers to integrate. Consequently, we request you to co-manage (part of) the supply chain.

Customer Support

Given that we deliver new technology to our customers, providing customer support becomes an integral part of your role. Questions will inevitably arise, and as the expert, you are best positioned to answer them and offer support where necessary.


You will either collaborate on or manage internal and external projects, report results internally, and, if willing, externally. This may include representing us as part of a team at conferences and exhibitions.

Depending on your skills, experience, and ambition, we can adjust tasks as our team members, your future colleagues, possess a range of skills and aspirations. Essentially, we can tailor the position based on your seniority. And, of course, we offer guidance and numerous educational opportunities.

Quantum Computing Company

We operate through four quantum teams: Quantum Matter & Optics (theorists & experimentalists), Quantum Engineering (development of quantum technologies), Quantum Software (algorithms), and Quantum Product (devices & projects).

We understand that as you gain experience in your first job post-studies and mature as an individual, your initial perceptions of your future career may evolve. This could mean you develop a strong affinity for product engineering, progressing from junior to medior to senior. Alternatively, you may discover new interests, prompting you to pursue a Ph.D. alongside your job or transition to different teams.

Depending on your skills, experience, and ambition, we can adjust tasks to align with your growth. And, of course, we offer guidance and various educational opportunities.

What should you bring along

First and foremost, a good and pleasant personality as our prospective co-worker. A degree in Applied Sciences, Photonics, Electrical Engineering, or a related field. Familiarity or experience with optical lab equipment/photonic components like lasers, micro rings, MZI, etc. Proficiency in evaluating and analyzing data, along with proficiency to strength in Python.

While this vacancy is designed as a starting position post-studies and not explicitly as a working student position, we are open to working students depending on compatibility with your track and other relevant aspects that align with both your goals and ours.

How to continue?

Use the form below to apply. A attached motivational letter to your resume is always appreciated. Would you like to call before applying, call Wouter at +31 6 54 74 23 04.

For positions requiring access to technical data subject to U.S. and EU export controls for quantum computing, including the U.S. Export Administration Regulations, we may need to obtain export licensing approval from authorities. Please note that any offer of employment is contingent upon obtaining any necessary export license or other approval required by relevant authorities.

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